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“The Sorcerer’s Bane by C. S. Wachter is a heart-pounding read.
The characters are well developed. Some I loved and some I loved to hate, but the story definitely kept me turning pages. I love the main character, Prince Rayne, and I longed to help him as he faced many challenges throughout the book. There were also some unexpected twists and turns in the book. C.S. Wachter is a writer who knows how to tell a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. I look
forward to reading the next book in “The Seven Words” series and continuing to follow Prince Rayne on his journey.”  ~ Kelly

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The Sorcerer’s Bane – Story Synopsis


Light and dark battle for the soul of six-year old Prince Rayne, heir to the throne of all Ochen and prophesied Light Bringer of the One. Kidnapped, his memories and voice blocked, claimed as a slave, and given the name Wren, he is raised as an assassin.

Sigmund, powerful ancient sorcerer and enemy of the One, plans to frustrate the prophecy by using the young prince to assassinate his own parents. With the death of the Light Bringer and the failure of the prophecy, Sigmund and his demonic colleagues will be free to bring darkness to all seven worlds of Ochen. But what the sorcerer fails to realize is that the One has already claimed the boy, placing within his spirit a glowing ember of light, and giving him support in a world of abuse and violence.


Book Information

Paperback: 485 pages


Kindle ebook

ISBN: 978-0-9998861-1-3


Kindle Edition

The Sorcerer’s Bane (The Seven Words Book 1) Kindle Edition


C. S. Wachter

C. S. Wachter           The Author

I started out as a reader … but then, I guess most writers have started that way.

I flunked Creative Writing in college. Of course, I could say it was the professor’s fault; but I admit the fault was mine. I was lazy, self-centered, and full of myself … Oh, I guess I was a typical eighteen-year old. (Please take no offence eighteen year olds, but we all have our moments.) I had no experience, no discipline, and my imagination was in its infancy.

Fast forward forty-some years … I’m now a grandmother with some experience under my somewhat wider belt. And though I am still rather self-centered, I am no longer full of myself. But I would have to admit to greater changes in my level of discipline and a more mature imagination…

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List of Characters

By Order of Appearance

Mrs. Wordon – Travis Illk’s housekeeper
Travis Illk – resident of Amathea, hired by Sigmund to kidnap Rayne
Marcus Ponce – Sigmund’s Second; a rubiate
Rayne Kierkengaard – Crown Prince Rayne Nathan Samuel Kierkengaard of Corylus and the Ochen system; son of Theodor and Rowena; kidnapped by Sigmund and given the name Wren
Rowena Kraftsmunn Kierkengaard – Queen of Corylus and the Ochen system; originally from Nemora; mother of Rayne
Martha – Rayne’s nurse
Reginald Clouson – master manipulater, places wire in kidnapped Rayne
Sigmund of Bainard – ancient evil being; Wren’s owner
Theodor Kierkengaard – King of Corylus and the Ochen system; enemy of Sigmund; father of Rayne
Morrow – daughter and only child of Sigmund; executed by Theodor for murdering King Samuel, Theodor’s father
Van Coronus – leader of a group of highly-skilled assassins, owner of the compound where Wren grows up
Anne Parsons – Coronus’ slave and healer; originally from Veres, friend of Wren/Rayne
Thorvin Kraftsmunn – Coronus’ trainer; master swordsman
Warren – tutor to nobility; kidnapped and enslaved by Coronus
Brian, Donald, Marcie – people Wren meets on the way to Coronus’ compound
Len Fernhardt – ferryman
Alan (Al) – Coronus’ cook
Rufus, Caine, Logan – assassins-in-training at Coronus’ compound
Walter – a guard at Coronus’ compound
Mitchel – Coronus’ stable master
Lord William Anderson – powerful Sorial merchant; head of Merchants Guild
Jason Anderson – Lord William’s son
Bishop Jonathan Hedrick – head of the church of Corylus; Bishop of Westvale
Shaw Radinajan – monk from Arisima; friend to Light Bringer
Elsie – church cook; friend of Theodor and Rowena
Yormund – Glacierian fighter/warrior hired by Sigmund
Sir Hector – target of Wren’s first contract
Cole Wright, Tyson Wright – brothers; residents of Highreach
Sion – Cole’s and Tyson’s dog
Roger – a guard at Coronus’s compound
Sayer – the slave who takes over Wren’s duties
Lady Lilith – best friend of Morrow; friend of Sigmund
Roland, Denny – friends of Lady Lilith
Captain Ellis – young captain of palace guard
Stevie Kasper – twin to Sashi Kasper; friend of Rayne
Sashi Kasper – twin to Stevie; friend of Rayne
Captain Anton Fontaine – captain of palace guard
Private Richard Matheson – palace guard
Sergeant Peterson – palace guard cook
Liam, Abby Wright – parents of Cole and Tyson
Boone (Lightning Boone) – Rayne’s dog
Andrew – Rayne’s page
Noah Reese – palace guard; friend of Rayne

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