C. S. Wachter

C. S. Wachter           The Author

I started out as a reader … but then, I guess most writers have started that way.

I flunked Creative Writing in college. Of course, I could say it was the professor’s fault; but I admit the fault was mine. I was lazy, self-centered, and full of myself … Oh, I guess I was a typical eighteen-year old. (Please take no offence eighteen year olds, but we all have our moments.) I had no experience, no discipline, and my imagination was in its infancy.

Fast forward forty-some years … I’m now a grandmother with some experience under my somewhat wider belt. And though I am still rather self-centered, I am no longer full of myself. But I would have to admit to greater changes in my level of discipline and a more mature imagination…

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“The Sorcerer’s Bane by C. S. Wachter is a heart-pounding read.
The characters are well developed. Some I loved and some I loved to hate, but the story definitely kept me turning pages. I love the main character, Prince Rayne, and I longed to help him as he faced many challenges throughout the book. There were also some unexpected twists and turns in the book. C.S. Wachter is a writer who knows how to tell a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. I look
forward to reading the next book in “The Seven Words” series and continuing to follow Prince Rayne on his journey.”  ~ Kelly

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