C.S. Wachter - Corylus Map

The Seven Words – Epic Fantasy Book Series – Corylus

Corylus, the royal world of all Ochen in this epic fantasy book series, is home to the Kierkengaard family, descendants of the first king of Ochen, Nathan I. The largest portal station on all seven worlds, the royal palace, the King’s Library, and the Westvale Cathedral can all be found here in the capital city of Westvale. This beautiful city, which sits on the coast of the Cameron Sea, hosts the Feast and Fight Competitions. An annual gathering featuring the best foods and fighters from Nemora and Corylus, the Feast and Fight Competitions were first instituted to welcome Queen Rowena upon her arrival from Nemora as the newly crowned queen. The competitions have gained increased popularity in recent years and visitors from other worlds now travel to Westvale to take part in the ten-day long festivities.

The main continent of Corylus, the Rustician Continent—now commonly referred to as The Continent—is a land of mountains, plains, and forests, while the Shattered Continent is nothing more than a wasted slag heap, a result of massive magic-fueled battles during the Hundred Years War. Though Corylus is still magic saturated, the power expended during the war disrupted the flow of remaining energy, making war of that magnitude impossible again.

The Westvale Portal Station, with skipping lines to all other worlds except Veres competes with Sorial for the title of busiest portal station in the Ochen system.