C.S. Wachter - Amathea Map


The Seven Words – Epic Fantasy Book Series – Amathea

Amathea, in this epic fantasy book series, is also known as the farming world, exporting agricultural products to all the other worlds of Ochen through the skipping portals located in Providence, the capital. The mild winters on Amathea last only a few weeks and during the long summer season, the inhabitants can harvest up to four consecutive plantings.

It is a world of fertile fields, rolling hills, and peaceful farming communities. The most productive land is in the Tri-zone, an exceptionally fertile, wedge-shaped region bounded by the three major cities of Amathea; Providence, Hebron, and Jordon.

Amathea is magic deficit and most Amatheans mistrust magic and those able to manipulate the mysterious energies of Ochen.

The sacred ruins of the ancient monastery at Cashel on Shilo Island have drawn pilgrims from other worlds for generations. Recently, large numbers of young nobles from other worlds have been attracted to the island. Though Amathea has no nobles of its own, being governed by elected officials, the recent increase of noble travelers has stirred up a desire among the more influential property owners to create a new class of nobles on their world.