C.S. Wachter - Veres Map


The Seven Words – Epic Fantasy Book Series – Veres

Veres is the smallest world of the seven words epic fantasy book series. Rich in veredium and other precious minerals, powerful merchant factions on Sorial have sought to profit from control of Veres. Recently, citing the fact that Veres can only be accessed by way of Sorial, the Mining Guild has petitioned the Interplanetary Council to declare Veres not an independent world, but a moon of Sorial. As a result, Veres is now considered a satellite. Unverified reports indicate that its populace is systematically being enslaved by the Sorial Mining Guild, but the Interplanetary Council refused to act on the information without solid evidence. Veres is a magic- deficit world of high, rugged mountains, rushing rivers, and small, scattered villages

For those who are privy to such guarded information and drawn to more violent forms of entertainment, lavish gaming complexes featuring illegal death matches have become prime destinations. The center ring of the Andersen Family Gaming Complex has become the place to be seen by young nobles within certain circles. Attendance is by invitation only, however, and passes to skip to Veres must be obtained from the proper authorities on Sorial. Discretion is advised.