C.S. Wachter - Nemora Map


The Seven Words – Epic Fantasy Book Series – Nemora

Nemora. Though Corylus holds the title of Royal World, Nemora’s oldest noble families also lay claim to ancient bloodlines. Of all seven worlds, Nemora, in this epic fantasy book series, is the most magic-laden in this fantasy adventure series. It is a world of lush, primeval forests and gentle, rolling mountains. Legend locates the Source, the reputed fountain of all energies for the entire system, somewhere deep in Neth Forest. The brethren, one of the remaining hidden ancient races, inhabit Neth and protect the vast woodland from unwary newcomers, fueling the myth that Neth is haunted.

Nemora is known for the healing properties of its blue-tinged sun and double moons, Rem and Ledia. Ancient myths claim that when Ledia’s blue light shines on Neth, newcomers within the forest are changed. The ancestral home of the infamous sorcerer, Sigmund of Bainard, can be found in Bainard Province in the north-east corner of the continent.

The capital, Inverness, is home to Nemora’s unique, cathedral-like portal station and Castle Inverness, the birthplace of Queen Rowena, can be found just a short walk beyond the city limits.