The Light Arises

The Light Arises – The Seven Words Book 2

Rayne dreams of a golden-haired girl and the voice of the One calling him to bring light to Veres, But only those involved with the brutal games staged by the powerful Sorial merchants, are allowed access to the mining world. To infiltrate the games, Rayne must, once again, become the warrior-slave Wren.

Lady Alexianndra Erland’s world was shattered three years ago when a young assassin destroyed her home and disabled her father. Now she leads the rebel faction. When news reaches her that the royal Prince of Ochen is at the Andersen House Gaming Complex, she decides to kidnap the prince and use him to compel King Theodor to help her people.

When morning light reveals the truth, will Lexi find her hoped for leverage with the king, or the assassin of her nightmares? And will Rayne be able to convince the girl of his dream to look past her desire for vengeance long enough for him to fulfill his calling?


Kindle Edition

The Light Arises (The Seven Words Book 2) Kindle Edition




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