Lander’s Legacy

Lander’s Legacy – Stone Sovereigns Book 1

Raised by his secretive grandfather, Pop-pop Ian, high school junior Lander’s history had always been shrouded in mystery. His after-school hours were spent in the woods flicking fire on his fingers, tracking Ian, or standing still as a statue, invisible, observing the wildlife that never noticed him. Until the day Ian dies. His final words direct Lander to a buried box. Within it, Lander finds stones that glow when he picks them up and a letter telling him to seek out a man called Castor Elm. Alone and pursued by menacing strangers, Lander sets out on a journey to find not only safety and friendship, but the truth of why his grandfather called him special … the truth of his legacy. A legacy that will take him to the center of the earth.
Lander’s Legacy was a fantastic read, even for one who is not of the author’s target audience. In Lander, author C. S. Wachter has created an engaging character whose shyness, timidity, and fear would be easily recognizable by many young people.   Five Stars  —  Grant Leishman for Readers Favorite


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